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Technology and Markets:

J-FIL™ technology is found on all Molecular Imprints systems and leverages the synergy of our materials and masks / templates to maximize system productivity and yield. Our lithography systems are in three classes, targeting specific markets and applications:

Step and Repeat J-FIL™

- CMOS Memory

- 300 and 450 mm lithography

- 6025 Mask replication

- 1x nm patterning without double patterning steps

Roll-based J-FIL™

- Flexible film patterning

- Flat panel display patterning

- Wire grid polarizer

Full substrate J-FIL™

- Hard disk drive patterned media

- LED photonic crystal patterning

- Patterned Sapphire Substrates for HB-LEDs

- 2"-4" wafer lithography

- Imprint Mask replication using master wafers

Molecular Imprints' Core Technology

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ImageJet and Flash™ Imprint Lithography (J-FIL™), unlike common imprint technologies that rely on heat embossing to melt thermoplastic solids, transfers nanopatterns into a proprietary water-like photopolymer which conforms almost instantaneously to a mask (a.k.a., template) due to capillary forces. J-FIL uses proprietary inkjet technology and Molecular Imprints IntelliJet™ Drop Pattern Generator system to deposit picoliter sized drops according to the customers mask/template pattern. This insures a consistent and uniform pattern etch even below 20nm.

Molecular Imprints in the News

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February 14, 2014 Molecular Imprints' semiconductor business to be acquired by Canon. Merger creates an independent spin out company that will focus on developing nanotechnology market opportunities
Molecular Imprints' press release

February 13, 2014 Canon and Molecular Imprints have signed a merger agreement where Canon acquires Molecular Imprints' semiconductor business, targeting early commercialization of next-generation lithography systems Canon's press release